Trebag Intellectual Property and Project Manager Ltd is a Hungarian private company and living lab with huge network locally and regionally among stakeholders and actors in adult education.

A Member of the European Networks of Living Labs, Trebag introduced the methodology of open innovation in the company and opened up its Wellbeing Living Lab which contributes to supporting and promoting physical, mental and economic wellbeing of citizens and youth.

One of TREBAG’s major field of activity is the implementation of various LLL projects, with special focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and training. The company has long experience in managing European projects both in the field of vocational education but also adult education.

We promoted a prize-winning Leonardo project that was prized on the eFestival in Hungary (2005), besides we won the European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia prize on the CEEBIT (2006), while in 2014 the OpenInn project was selected among the best European projects among many.

The company has a well-developed system for administration, project management, evaluation and finance. Trebag currently employs 9 researchers on permanent basis and collaborates with external trainers, experts, IT staff and a group of designers on a temporary basis.

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